The  Foundation of Brilliance Program has three distinct parts:

     We meet via video conferencing (usually Zoom) for 2 - 2/12 hour sessions.   This is divided up into 2 different days.   Example:  Saturday at 10am to 12:30am and Sunday the same.   It can take a lot less time or  more time but the program is delivered by result not time.  

Part 1 is the understanding of your Talents, Personality and Purposes.

Part 2 is the step where you determine the best educational or professional path to take, based on what was discovered in Part 1.

Part 3 is the Individual Brilliance Action Plan, i.e., a plan of action to start you on the road to your ideal professional or educational program.

     On Day 1, we go over some basic knowledge of the program and some rules to apply to make it successful.  I then work on Talents and Personality. 

     On Day 2, we discover your statement of purpose,  work on your best professional path and write up your "Ideal Scene" which is Part 2 of the program.  You will send this write up to me via email.

    And lastly and  mostly via email or Zoom,  I will ask you to write up an Action Plan as in Part 3.  

After this I will check with you periodically to see how things are going.   As I said, this program is delivered by result.  Sometimes it takes a bit to actually decide on that career path and do research.  Other times it comes to you quickly and need to go into action.  

Please contact me for pricing and available times.



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