I was born an artist.  My mother sent me to dance class at a very young age hoping that I would wear off some of that excess energy and sit still at the dinner table.

During my New York years, I danced in numerous performances at Lincoln Center as part of the Shakespeare Festivals in Central Park.      

    As age precluded my dance career I got back into painting and drawing  and eventually realized my desire to help others find their TRUE purpose and career path as a consultant of the Foundations of Brilliance Program.

   I trained and interned with Bernard Percy who is an internationally renowned educator, author and lecturer.  Bernard has delivered the Foundations of Brilliance consultations and seminars to thousands of people in 30 countries with life changing and life enhancing successes.



 I did the program wholeheartedly and was pleased to see the direction it took.  I felt really revitalized in terms of my original goals and purposes in life, which made me feel quite joyful!
  By putting my attention back on how much I enjoyed the arts and being part of that aesthetic world, I pulled in an opportunity that has really sort of blown my mind! 
I'm very happy at this time, being paid better than ever, and using every aspect of myself to contribute to this very worthy musical phenomenon.  It's really an extraordinary opportunity and I don't think I would have "pulled it in" if I hadn't done this wonderful program which led me back to my first real intentions.”

R.G., Artist Assistant



The result of the consolation was to uncover the real purpose I have, which I had shied away from as too big, too important, to really be owned and carried out by me.  This is life changing, for instead of dabbing in "side activities" related to my true purpose, the program helped me own the purpose.  It gave me a vision of what a great life I could have if I were only on purpose.

M.D. , Author


I've been back to work for the last several days drawing and feel SO MUCH more alive and motivated creatively.  I probably never mentioned how friggin dead  I 've felt trying to get new illustrations produced and wrapped up around the holidays, thought I did succeed .

I've felt burned out with drawing ........

Anyway, this week, after working with you and on own purposes, I've noted how much more alive and interested I've been .....

I'm feeling real invigorated with all that and find that I'm embracing the challenges with enthusiasm I haven't felt in a long while.

R.O.,Graphic Designer


I am an artist, but work wise a very practical one.  I just work, work, work and don't think that much about why or what motivates me.

  I do creative work that makes my clients quite happy but I wasn't always that uplifting to for ME.

Through this process, I was able to pinpoint what does make me happy.

Once the purpose was uncovered everything in my world started to align.  I see  WHY I like certain activities, not just at work, but in my life.

We had two of our best months ever the last two months after what promised to be a gloomy start so we are thankful and happy.  I now read the purpose and ideal scenes every day. 

J.H., Designer


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